What is the filter working principle of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
When it comes to filter the kettle, we wouldn't be strange, it is a kind of fast kettles of small home appliance. Home and company are in the basic use filter kettle, tea drinking boiled water are very convenient fast and convenient. Many people are curious why why do filter kettle heating block? What is the filter working principle of the kettle? Next, the authors simply introduce for you. A filter, filter working principle of the kettle pot, boiling water to produce steam to heat element of bimetallic strip deformation, the deformation through the lever principle to push the power switch. Cannot be automatically reset when cut off, cut off the filter kettle will not automatically after heating. Second, the filter principle of thermal insulation kettle now many filter kettle has function of heat preservation, most have two insulating tubes, there is a thermal insulation pipe is controlled by the insulation switch, it allows the user to control whether choose heat preservation. Insulation power generally less than 50 w, one hour does not usually consumes more than 0. 1 degree. Three, filter kettle temperature control principle of the thermostat is filters are key components of the kettle, its quality decides the filter quality and life of the kettle. Temperature controller is mainly simple relay, temperature controller, a simple temperature controller, waterproof, prevent dry heating thermostat, etc. Suggest you still choose to use waterproof, prevent dry heating controller filter kettle.
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