What is the harm filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
What is the harm filter kettle? Electric kettle in fact there is no harm to human body. Have the smell of plastic, mainly is the lid and the handle plastic smell, don't worry, this can be solved! Then tell you method. A, what harm filter kettle electric kettle is no harm to human body. Boiling water is mainly the purpose of sterilization, etc. , as long as enough to boil the water have antiseptic effect, and the use of electric kettle and other of the kettle boil water there is no direct relationship. Water containing various mineral ions, using electric kettle will these ions in water electrolysis process, some will settle, there will produce other substances, or what we said the filter scale kettle. Such as complex, will harm the human body, and the precipitation is the trace element of human needs, long-term lack will cause harm. Filter kettle of the general public, as a result of bad management, may let the water repeatedly burning a long time, in this case, we believe that it is not very good. Second, why has the flavor of the plastic electric kettle? When water boils, open the lid, as soon as possible or add water into the insulated bottles as soon as possible, in order to avoid the lid and the handle the plastic smell of the water for a long time. After boiling, open the lid after placing for a while, there is little taste in the water poured out.
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