What is the main structure filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
Filter popularization and use of the kettle has made our life. Today, the author took a look at the filter main structure of the kettle. Filter pot consists of pot body, the spout, the lid, heater and handles, etc. The pot body, the spout and lid are usually made of aluminum, the handle is made from heat resistant plastic. Heater is steel or stainless steel pipe bend into a round shape, surface plating treatment. Tube with spiral electric hotline, electric lines and tube is filled with good thermal conductivity and insulation between magnesium oxide powder. Heater is installed in the bottom of the kettle, the two lead by out of pot, pot wall with a nut. Between the heater and pot wall into the heat resistant rubber gaskets, in order to prevent the filter kettle leaks. Automatic filter structure is similar to ordinary filter kettle of the kettle, but the difference is more than a automatic temperature control device, can cut off the power supply and automatic trip after the water to boil.
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