What is the power of general family expenses filter kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Home often use filter kettle, is mainly used to boil water to drink. However, if you want to choose household filter kettle, first choice depends on the power. Different power electricity is also different. What is the power of general family expenses filter kettle? The authors introduce for you. General household electric kettle most power is 1500 w. The power of each filter kettle is not fixed, so there are also big small power filter of the kettle. In addition to the 1500 w electric kettle, and 800 w, 1000 w and 2000 w household filter kettle, large capacity filter kettle is usually the bigger the power also. Under normal circumstances, a 1000 - watt household filter kettle using one hour of power consumption is 1 degree, and we only need to boil water in a matter of minutes. In household appliances, household filter kettle power is not the biggest, it is certainly not the smallest. Bigger in household appliances, power of main products include hair dryer, induction cooker, etc. , and large electrical appliances, such as air conditioning, generally is 1100 watts of power. In addition, we want to know home filter is no necessary link power and size of the kettle, some 1. 5 l household filter power is also likely to reach 1800 w of the kettle.
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