What kind of filter kettle is good

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Now, with most of the kettles are filter kettle in the home, including 3 drift of the classmates. Filter water use is very convenient and quick, but really few money filter kettle on the market can not rest assured to buy, then filter kettle how to choose and buy? What kind of filter kettle is good? First of all, the material is the best high borosilicate glass or 304 stainless steel, the two kinds of material safety and health, no other clutter precipitation. Life is not easy, how can you drink all don't rest assured? Most of the price on the market, which is used to filter the kettle in the dozen or so of the thermostat can be bought only a few dollars, temperature less than 100 ℃ is automatically shut off the heating. Because the bottom chassis control the temperature, temperature rise, the thermostat will jump, did not even play a role of boiling water sterilization. Therefore, the thermostat must choose steam temperature control system. Mark is there will be a catheter in the kettle, it will make of the steam kettle in after reaching a certain concentration along the catheter into the thermostat, trigger power! Followed by the appearance, you use must be your favorite things. Naked filter kettle of water really don't want to drink, and appearance of straightforward expression of your taste and quality of life! Everyone in the use of filter kettle, it is important to note that these points: 1, don't put the water is too full of; 2, water don't one-time empty, especially when filter kettle are still in the ring; 3, away from the hearth, spilled oil and high temperature when cooking can damage the filter of external coating of the kettle, even damage the pot body sealing material, cause leakage; 4, filter kettle must be in the line of sight range, after all it is a kind of household electrical appliances; 5, filters do not directly on the fire heating kettle.
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