What kind of good filter kettle? Filter cross-border for kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
Filter kettle product category, brand on the market. At the same time, the filter is divided into kettle type plastic bottle and stainless steel electric kettle and other material, then what kind of good filter kettle? The following let authors introduce everyone to filter purchase skills of the kettle. What kind of good filter kettle? Filter kettle cross-border for 1. Should be paid attention to when buying a filter kettle, the thermostat is a sensitive and reliable water supply switch is flexible, sealed performance is good, and so on. Can bring filter kettle tried several times to see if the switch's flexibility. 2. With pressure filter kettle of water supply, water supply device should be flexible, outer cover, inner cover and the tank should be easy to remove, sealed performance is good. 3. Check filter heater of the kettle and the pot body connection is rigid, power adapter and the pot body connection are moderately tight, with and without leakage. Also check whether the filters on the nameplate of the kettle indicate the origin, specifications, trademarks, parameters, etc. 4. Considering the capacity of the kettle. Family use should choose small and large capacity should be selected for the offices and public places. Capacity of the kettle is proportional to the filter water power and power consumption. Choose their interests and energy consumption more appropriate models, or not apply to avoid waste. Filter using note 1 kettle. Follow the instructions to use, that is, water first, then put through power supply, avoid filter kettle dry. 2. Water will not exceed rated water level, in order to avoid boiling overflow. But water cannot under heating tube, prevent dry heating. 3. Made of metal materials of filter should not be used for cooking kettle acidic or alkaline food. Heating the milk or other beverages, every time want to wash right away. In POTS wall, heater, covered with dirt and dirt, should be cleaned immediately. When cleaning, do not immerse in water, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp short circuit when using the electrical components.
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