What kind of material good electric water hot pot

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
In recent years, as people's passion for intelligent life, filter kettle has become the market to be bestowed favor on newly. However, because the news frequently exposed precipitate heavy metals from the electric kettle, consumers focus on filter material problems become the focus of the kettle. Electric hot water pot of what kind of material is good? Next, the author wanted to introduce you to it. Glass filter kettle, ceramic filter kettle: price is the most expensive, but the highest safety. Glass is derived from the natural material itself, in the production process by high temperature, harmful substances volatile, high security, and high temperature resistant glass, good thermal conductivity. Ceramic materials for a wide range, acid, alkali resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant, low temperature resistance, high safety. Expert comment: material security, price is high, is 300 yuan or so commonly, but the highest safety, recommend to buy. Stainless steel filter kettle, moderate price, it is recommended that the 304 stainless steel. Choose stainless steel filter note stainless steel kettle brand information: 202 stainless steel, nickel - 3 4%, partly meet the national standards of stainless steel food hygienic requirements. 201 stainless steel, high manganese low nickel, encounter carbonated drinks or acidity material, easy to precipitate heavy metals. 8-304 stainless steel and nickel 10% in line with national food hygiene requirements, stainless steel usually indicated on the packing use food contact USES stainless steel and stainless steel brand. Expert evaluation: the price is moderate, 80 - 200 yuan, relatively safe, but also the market mainstream products. Plastic filter kettle, the cheapest price, security is the lowest. Plastic filter kettle, usually PP plastic. Pp plastic generally for new materials, the surface evenly, the bottom of the pot, no peculiar smell. Part of the informal brand, in order to reduce costs, the use of recycled plastics, if use for a long time, in the discharge of harmful substances into water and air, damage the body.
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