What material is better hot water bottle?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-01
A man will at least a few litres of water a day, in our country, the water in the water pipe is generally not to drink, all need to drive after drinking. Whether it's summer or winter, a kettle are indispensable. Now there appear a lot of different materials on the market of the kettle, in so many different choices, what the kettle material good? Let's take a look at the different material of the kettle is what kind of it. A beautiful delicate, ceramic porcelain kettle, has a unique flavor and health non-toxic and environmentally friendly. But, ceramic kettle heat transfer speed is slow, and it's easy to break, so normally just to steaming tea. Second, glass glass kettle, a lot of people haven't heard of, think of the glass should be no heating, the glass here refers to the kind of specially made of high temperature resistant, can be heated in the fire, it has the advantage of high temperature heating will not produce harmful chemical substances to the body, after the water boils can also see ChuShui clean degree. Three iron, iron pot pot price cheap and iron containing trace elements beneficial to human body, but it is affected by material, burn out water taste not so good and easy to rust. So not many people like to use. Four, plates for plates, evaluation of each are not identical, our old ancestors started to use a long time ago what boil water, it is said that has the effect of prolong life, however, with the changes of The Times, some merchants sell pure plates, high cost of income is small, cause it's hard to buy on the market of pure copper hot kettle. The plates on the market gradually less and less, gradually fade out the line of sight of people. Five silver, silver pot pot we are heard and probably sounds very tall, but is not willing to buy, after all, it was expensive, that is in local tyrants can afford it. Thermal conductivity of silver is one of the most prominent in all metal, it can quickly heat of blood vessels, thus can effectively prevent a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Pure gold and silver chemical stability, not easy to react with other substances, and no poison, boiled water with it softer, more rounded. For those special pursuit of quality of life, is a good choice. Six, plastic plastic pot in the hot water began to appear, or get a crowd favorite, because it is fast boil water, help people save time, people gradually think it is caused by heating of bad plastic is not acceptable to the people, and the smell is harmful to human body. Out of respect for healthy people, slowly no longer use this kind of material of hot kettle.
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