What material of the filter kettle security without harm

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-06
In recent years, consumers tend to give priority to with environmental protection, non-toxic harmless particular to select filter kettle, because we choose if it is not qualified filter kettle, this not only for the future use of the danger, but also dangerous to our drinking water. So, what material filter kettle security no harm? Here the author explain for everybody. The authors recommend high borosilicate glass filter kettle. The high borosilicate glass filter kettle is an electric kettle market to be bestowed favor on newly. It is fashion, have artistic modelling, can make it all sorts of beautiful shape, is one of the most popular filter kettle family member. Glass filter kettle advantages: 1, high temperature resistance, large power; 2, the whole process, automatic operation without monitoring; 3 use high borosilicate glass, the pot body, harmless to the human body. Glass filter kettle heating water temperature speed is very fast, and the use of safe, safety accidents. The material of glass is the most important of the battery is very environmental protection, do not affect our health.
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