What's the matter with kettle no honking horns filters, honking filter working principle of the kettle

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Honking filter kettle no honking how to return a responsibility? Many people tried at home building honking filter kettle, unscrew the lid screw, remove and reinstall after not ring. Is likely to be the installation of your order is wrong. You can twist the lid handle, pick up sound issued spring disc, see if there are scale or rust. If you can handle it, if there is one that can handle back again after installation. Let's take a look at the voice of the lid of the installation and troubleshooting. Honking filter working principle of the kettle honking filters above the secret in the lid of the kettle. Installed inside of the lid of the several plate spring, have the plate spring plate spring in the inside of the lid is installed on the lid handle relative position, around the open slit in the lid of the handle, so that air can after through the reed rushed out from the slot. A large number of water vapor when water boils, the high pressure water vapour through the spring inside the lid, and then by the cover around the crack, as the spring through the vibration. Because the reed is fixed, no matter how many filter kettle water, after boiling the voice is the same. In addition, in order to allow the steam flow this aisle, as much as possible in the hukou have a lid, when boiling water spout cover live. Honking filter kettle don't ring the cause and the solution 1. If no honking and no shadow to boil water to function. But you need to pay more attention to, don't go far when boiling water, so as not to filter the kettle boil water overflow. 2. Honking function is usually on the lid of the pot, some is a 'double hole', after the water is boiling steam blow out from among them, produce horns. And some under the lid handle has a similar 'voice' of the harmonica reeds, with three voices reed, as well as harmonica reeds. If long time using the filter kettle, three voices will no longer speak or damaged due to problems such as scale, so when the water boils filter kettle will not make a sound. 3. You can twist the lid handle, pick up sound issued spring disc, see if there are scale or rust. If you can clean it, and then install it back. Remove, please pay attention to the order and direction. Sound board cannot inverted installation, otherwise will not ring after water to boil.
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