What should we do with filter kettle is broken

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-03
As a kind of very common filter kettle of small household electrical appliances, in the event of failure will be very upset. If the author's filter kettle is broken how to deal with? Usually is to repair and then continue to use first, unless really use, otherwise will not change! Filter kettle is broken how to deal with long time use filter kettle there will always be all sorts of problems, directly throw away is very sorry, problem little words can handle himself. Here, let's take a look at what can handle ourselves. Filter the power of the kettle is a very practical function, damage will bring a lot of inconvenience. His can simply repairing. First, check the temperature sensor. If the temperature sensor deformation, please timely repair; Another case is a temperature sensor without deformation. To check if the switch is the under side of the connecting rod, the location is blocked, it will lead to the power. Another problem is that light is not on, it may be that the metal spring outweighed the switch. If you solve, you can adjust a little bit about the metal reed. Unwrapped it if it doesn't work, to clear up, put up again to see if the lamp lit up. So, if the filter kettle has a problem, don't worry, don't rush to chuck in the new. Probably the problem is small, completely can solve, so oneself repaired will be much easier.
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