Why electric kettle opened the power but not boil water how to solve

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter is not what is the cause of heating a kettle, electric heat pipe after electricity filter electric kettle heating, light is not bright. Failure is usually caused by electric did not enter electric heat pipe circuit. Overhaul, the first base on the power cord plug is measured with a multimeter R x 10 L, N on both ends of the resistor. Under normal circumstances, the reset switch does not press, resistance to up, press the button, the corresponding resistance is about 32 1500 watts of electric kettle. If still up resistance after press the button, the heating tube circuit. 2, insulation switch failure if the power switch is normal, the fault occurs on the insulation switch, first to see if bimetal wire press the switch lever ( White plastic) , if excessive press, then use tweezers to bend over, bending to the interval of 0. 5 ~ 1毫米。 If the distance between the dual metal contact with the switch rod is normal, should open the switch box, insulation and reed switch contact cleaning maintenance, specific can refer to: electric kettle switch into the water to do, switch breakdown maintenance. Electric kettle check repair way if the measured resistance is still ∝, fault in the circuit of the pot body, should be removed for repair. With a focus on the power supply ( Reset) Insulation switches and switch. The multimeter R x 1, check the switch action and contact are in good condition. Found bad action, please check the heat plate bending Angle and switch the location of the connecting rod is normal, if not normal, it need to be corrected. If the switch is operating normally, the contact is unable to connect, that is the reed switch or contact damage, switch box is removed for cleaning and repairing. Lamp light is lit, said the electrical circuit, the electric heat pipe connection fails, or its common electric heating tube is damaged or poor contact. Damage the electric heating tube, normally only change. Poor contact is mainly caused by contact with reed has serious corrosion or deformation, removable switch box. If contact with reeds seriously damaged, the best replacement.
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