Why filter the power cord is short of the kettle?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-04
Most families have filter kettle, filter kettle is also one of the most frequently used electrical appliances product family, in addition to the boiling water is no use, but every family cannot leave. Electric kettle of wire is too short, sometimes we are very inconvenient to use, why no longer filter kettle wire? Filter wire so short of the kettle, in fact, is also a reason, not filter kettle manufacturers don't want to do more, but the state limit the length of the. In the country's 'the safety of household and similar electrical liquid heater special requirements, there is a hard and fast rules: in the electric power supply cord of the kettle unless there is a spiral power cord, or should not be longer than 75 cm. In fact, there is nothing to fight, this is a national mandatory standard, so the factory nature did not dare to cross half step, then why have such provisions of the state? The first reason is that the filter is used to boil water kettle, itself has certain security hidden danger, if the power cord is too long, if accidentally stumbled, then flies over a pan of boiling water, it is very unsafe, so naturally from the source to eliminate above. The second reason is that the filter of the kettle generally greater than 1500 w, is a kind of high power electric equipment, when using the power cord itself to sustain large current, the longer the if the power cord, the greater the resistance, the greater the probability of heat or fire, the greater the security risks. What should we choose filter kettle? In fact, in general, if the power cord can reach more than 60 centimeters of filter kettle, quality should be good, because it can make 60 centimeters to represent it using pure copper wire. Of course some of the less known and inferior brand may not be standard on production, but the price is cheap, it depends on each person's choice.
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