Why hot kettle scale has the branch of hard and soft?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-31
Is the thermonatrite can clean with vinegar, and then forcibly shake, supermarkets have buy kettle descaling vegetable leaves can be used in the best spirit, to put a little water in the residue, but such kettle would have acetic acid taste, if leaves large leaves that is base material, no harm to the body, but should be timely cleaning. Heat is the best way to drink, scale of water soluble in water, carbon dioxide is scale will harm people's health, to form a scale. Kettle use time long will knot a layer of scale and bring to a boil, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate precipitation, commonly known as 'hard water', the precipitation in the process of precipitation will adsorption of trace heavy metal ions in water, so as to form the precipitation of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, magnesium carbonate in the human body a lot of sedimentary stone formation, we just feel bad to drink the water, such as calcium carbonate, is just as well to human body, water softening. Scale is in the process of heating water. Hard water quality is relatively poor. Reached the standard of drinking water, endanger human body health. Long-term consumption of hard water use egg shell cracking in shake shake. 。 。 There should be a result, when I was a child see mommy too. Scale is gathered in the lining of some difficult soluble salt formation, the main composition is formed by calcium and magnesium compound, harm, because of the heavy metal ions in the water can be adsorbed on the above, will be a long period of time into the body with the water. Can be soaked with the vinegar or vinegar extract cleaning easier. Hard scale usually cementation on the container or pipe surface. First of all, hard scale thermal conductivity is very poor, can cause heating surface heat transfer deterioration, and waste of fuel or electricity. Second, hard scale if cementation in the water heater or the boilers, also due to the heat bilges cold shrink and uneven, greatly increase the risk of water heater and boiler burst even explode. Secondly, when the hard scale cementation, often attached to a large number of heavy metal ions, if the container is used for holding water, there is a risk of too much heavy metal ion soluble in water. Therefore, the harm of hard scale is obvious. With cold water, such as coke, gas, etc. Can be used as detergent, water used to wash the dirt, scale of the container, this is because the acid in cold water and tea scale, scale meeting will produce double decomposition reaction, tea scale, scale of harmful substances can drink the water, therefore, generally do not use with tea scale, scale of the cup to drink cold water.
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