Why would filter kettle is faulty? Is there any way to eliminate

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-05
In life, everyone may encounter such a situation, some filter kettle will send out a bad smell, with the smell of boiled water can let a person dare not go. So why would filter kettle is faulty? Is there any way to eliminate? Here the author to popularize some useful skills, let you no longer worry about bad breath. Use the filter kettle is plastic, peculiar smell is mainly the smell of the plastic cover and handle. If you use stainless steel pot, hot water for a long time not to clean, boil water may have peculiar smell. Scale contains cadmium, aluminum, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, mercury and other heavy metal ions, these scale accumulation for a long time will have peculiar smell. Finally a case is a long time use of filter kettle is faulty, not scale problem, but the taste of the kettle parts damage caused. 1, boiled orange peel, warm water and vinegar or refrigerator in addition to taste. 2, if placed too long, after each use, put the bamboo charcoal in store. If often use, and have peculiar smell, may be the water quality is not good, or do you use it to burn other things and not net clean after use. Methods: bamboo charcoal is best, other such as orange peel, mature vinegar, or refrigerator in addition to taste. 3, this should be the taste of the power cord heats or the result of the plastic part is heated on the pot body, as long as you boil water, should have a taste. 4, I have a kind of method, is used in drinking kombucha tea. You use this try to cook a tea kettle, it is well known that tea to smell good effect. 5, if it is caused by the plastic kettle, the solution is when the water boils, open the lid of the place as soon as possible, as soon as possible or to pour water into the vacuum flask, avoid the lid and the handle plastic smell a lot of dissolved into the water for a long time. Like this do not have to worry about burning hot water out of the water is faulty. 6, if the scale is caused by the peculiar smell, this time can use salt particles to wipe, salt for removal of incrustation and thermonatrite has special function, you can also use vinegar or with hot kettle boil lemon slices to smell. Filter kettle has a slight odor is normal, please rest assured. If it is found that the kettle is faulty, the first to find out the causes of odor, and then choose the appropriate method to eliminate peculiar smell, as to protect the drinking water health and safety of you and your family. This is the most sensible thing to do.
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