Will often use filter kettle is very inefficient

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2021-01-07
Filter kettle is a common small home appliance, can use it to drink boiled water. Will often use filter kettle is very inefficient? Generally speaking, the electrical appliances power determines its power consumption, different power filter kettle in the use of different power consumption is different, 1000 w filter continuous use 1 kettle. 4 hours of power consumption is 1 degree, 1500 w filter kettle can use 1 KWH 40 minutes of continuous use, so it can undertake choosing according to power consumption. The filter kettle general how many watts? Now we often use most of the household electric kettle power is 1500 w, because each filter kettle power size does not necessarily, so the filter also has a small power of the kettle. In addition to the 1500 w electric kettle, and 2000 w, 1000 w and 800 w electric kettle. Usually, 1000 w electric kettle using power consumption to one degree after 1 hour. Will often use filter kettle is very inefficient? Filter kettle power while not the largest of household electrical appliances, but not the smallest. Power is mainly in home appliances electric hair dryer, induction cooker, etc. , as the large capacity of electrical products such as air conditioner, its power consumption is 1100 w, general about 1500 w, 1500 watts of power and even bigger than the air conditioning filter kettle.
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