Winter of boiled tea little common sense

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Tea is the Chinese coffee, tea in south China region is a kind of life habit and culture, boil tea is also very exquisite, need to clear about the attribute of the tea, pay attention to the right amount of tea, and the appropriate boiled tea time, can let cooked tea taste better. First choose suitable to boil tea, tea tea in the condition of high temperature boiling, boiling tea according to the different properties of tea to choose the appropriate tea. Boil tea should select relatively mild and relatively mature tea raw materials, such as tea, black tea, etc. And attributes more lively, tender raw material with high degrees of tea is not suitable for boiling, such as green tea, yellow tea, etc. Second boiling tea time shoulds not be too long tea also is very important, is to boil tea time shoulds not be too long, some of the tea does not dissolve in water or poorly soluble in water material will seep in the long time of boiling, will cause adverse effect in the body, so, boil tea time shoulds not be too long, after the water boiling, cook time shoulds not be more than thirty minutes. Repeatedly put the right amount of tea leaves in boiling tea at ordinary times, some people used to have a better quality tea after brewing, in another container to boil, tea in order to achieve maximum value. The first thing to understand is the capacity of boiled tea utensils, can be roughly calculated the weight of the water capacity of boiled tea, after clear the capacity of the equipment, according to general tea than put in the tea, tea than recommended to 1:50, namely a gram of tea corresponding 50 ml of water. Meet guests must also is to treat each other with tea, how fast and convenient to boil a pot of good tea? Gao peng the double-deck cooking pot in silicon glass manufacture meticulously, wear resistance, easy to clean, safe guard insulation against the hot design, surface temperature is less than 60%, accidentally touch will not burn. Stainless steel heating bottom and imported 304 stainless steel hot plate, heat transfer rate is high, stable performance and reach the food safety requirements. Brand thermostat, ensure that 100% of the water boiling, can in the induction of steam and dry heating protection after the failure of the protection, 10 - water after boiling The bacteria in the water for 15 seconds, clear. Stainless steel cover design, avoid the damage of steam inside, prolong service life. A integrated spout, and seamless connection between mesh, water yield, anti sliding sideways. Stainless steel button, button is made of high quality stainless steel, a key switch, the comfortable feel, under more pressure, help you cook good tea!
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