With filter kettle boil water to drink, pay attention to what?

by:Yestitan Filter Kettle     2020-12-30
Filter kettle general volume is not large, but many people at the time of boiling water, it is wrong to fill the kettle with. If installed too full, kettle boiling will easy to overflow. Spilled water will permeate pedestal, resulting in shortening the service life of the kettle. When using filter kettle boiled water, the water in the kettle can be more than four 5 of the kettle, too much water will cause potential safety hazard. When used in electric kettle for a long time, there will be a scale, scale is mainly calcium and magnesium ions, drinking does not have any effect to the body, but the scale will damage scale, scale for a long time in scale, makes the filter will shorten the life of the kettle. Usually on a regular basis to remove scale, scale is easy to remove, so on the tank to add vinegar, soak for a while, after normal wash with water, the scale will be automatically removed. Also can refer to more methods: filter kettle scale how to remove when we drink water at ordinary times, pay attention to the water temperature, don't drink too much hot water. Human esophageal afraid of high temperature, will drink hot water scald the esophagus, adverse to the health of the esophagus. Usually, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, more than 40 degrees of water there are some hot esophagus, if the water temperature more than 60 degrees, mucous membrane will burn. Drink the hot water of high temperature for a long time, bad for your health. Water is the source of life, the summer coming, the temperature rising, people easily lose, for everybody health, must drink water more at ordinary times, every day to drink at least 1500 ml, so as to meet the needs of the human body a day.
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