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Ultrafiltration carbon water filter kettle filter replacement for sale

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Product Description

1. Product name: Ultrafiltration carbon filter.

2. Carton size: length60 * width60 * height 88 (mm)

3. Water inlet temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

4. Color: white

5. Each piece contains: 1 filter element, 1 dust bag, 1 cardboard box (customized)

6. A single carton can be customized with a blank hardboard carton or other. The outer packaging is corrugated carton.

We use food grade raw materials for our products

1. We use food grade raw materials for our products. All raw materials are subject to incoming inspection to ensure batch quality and consistency.

2. Carry out various tests throughout the mass production process. Aperture test, flow test, leakage test, pressure test, etc.

3. Before packing, we also check the appearance of all products to ensure our high quality reputation.

High efficiency filtration

1. PP cotton intercepts sediment, rust and other large particle impurities.

2. Natural coconut shell activated carbon can absorb color, odor, bleaching powder, residual chlorine, pesticides, etc.

3. Ultrafiltration membrane micropores intercept 99.99% of bacteria, escherichia coli, aluminum, colloid, etc.

Ultrafiltration carbon filter

1. The filter has excellent texture, neat appearance and fine workmanship.

2. Simple design, easy installation and easy use.

3. Our purification kettle can be mixed with 3 kinds of filter elements from our factory.

Production room

1. We have enough production workers and sites to handle a large number of production tasks.

2. Quality is supervised and controlled in every process of production. All materials can pass the test of quality and environment-friendly.

3. Using high quality materials and professional machines, the quality of the kettle is guaranteed.

Product Specifications

Model number



Family, office, dormitory, hotel, camping, etc.

Filter material

Polysulfone membrane, activated carbon, PP cotton

Shell material


Carton size

60*60*88 (mm)




Bacteria, bleach, rust, residual chlorine, color, odor, pesticide



Water flow rate

5 mins/kettle (Subject to temperature)


300L, 3-6months (Affected by water quality)


200 pieces






Carton Packing


ISO9001, SGS

Place of origin


Application Area

All materials, meet the standards of SGS, NSF, ISO9001, all certificates are shown below.

Applicable scope is direct drink, milk powder, wash fruits and vegetables, wash face, family kitchen, dormitory, office tea room, outdoor camping, hotel and so on.

We have multiple machines for production. Please do not doubt whether we can meet your needs.

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